Don’t Sabotage Your Chances of Getting That Job

Don't Sabotage Your Chances of Getting That Job

It’s tough out there when it comes to finding a job, which is why it’s very important that you don’t sabotage your efforts before you even get a phone call for an interview.

Social Concerns

Yes, social media is great, but if you’re putting a lot of controversial information on social media sites, you’re bound to draw attention — the wrong type of attention. Prospective employers are likely to look you up on the web and see what sort of presence you have. If you’re Facebook page, Google+, and LinkedIn have poorly written posts, compromising and embarrassing photos and pictures, and controversial articles, your prospective employer is likely to pass over your resume for someone who looks more professional on social media.

Don’t Be Invisible

Likewise if you have no web presence, you’re likely to be quickly labeled a Luddite, especially if the job requires you to be technologically savvy according to Forbes. (Most jobs require some type of technological aptitude.) You can fix your lack of Internet presence by creating LinkedIn and Google+ accounts. Follow pertinent blogs and articles and repost them. Join Twitter and tweet a bit. Retweet interesting articles pertaining to the type of jobs you’re applying for and make interesting comments about them.

Proofread with a Vengeance

Your resume says something about you. That’s why you need to triple check your resume and cover letter for any errors and typos. That includes Internet speak. Putting a smiley face on a post might be cute, but your resume and cover letter will end up in the trash if you add one, unless you’re applying as a graphic design of emoticons.

Proofread any emails you send as well. Yes, you will be judged by your correspondence, so keep your emails as professional and as error free as possible.

State Your Objective Clearly

Don’t ignore stating an objective on your resume. Your objective should be whatever the job title is. You can change it as you need to for different positions, but you need to show eagerness for the position you’re applying. Not stating your objective makes you appear as though you’re using a shotgun approach to applying for jobs.

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