Do’s and Don’ts for a Successful Job Interview

Do's and Don'ts for a Successful Job Interview

Getting a new job isn’t all about the resume, the phone and/or face to face interview play a vital role. There are some things potential employees should do during an interview and some that can be the kiss of death.

You may look perfect to a potential employer on paper, but the image you project when you go for the face to face interview is what can make or break your chances of getting hired.

Interviewing is nerve-wracking, employers expect you to be a little nervous during an interview, but try to contain it as much as possible.

When you are interviewing a few key things can get you the job or lose you the job.

Do bring a copy of your resume – just in case they don’t have it or you need to reference it.

Do wear appropriate, business attire. Don’t show up in shorts, flip-flops or anything too revealing or with potentially offensive words, images, etc.

Be polite, like mama always said remember your please and thank you’s.

Be prepared – Research the company beforehand, look at their website, check out social media profiles. Many employers will ask what you know about them, it doesn’t make you look great when you can’t answer a simple question about the organization.

Don’t chew gum. Have a breath mint before you go in if you feel more comfortable that way.

Don’t share too much personal information, building a rapport with the interviewer is fine, but don’t reveal too much about yourself and your personal life, this meeting should remain business focused.

Don’t lie about your experience; if you get the job it will only cause problems down the line.

Don’t ask about salary and time off during the first interview, if you are offered a second interview or the job, you’ll have plenty of time to ask about those things then.

Do send a thank you note after the interviewing saying you appreciated them taking the time to meet you. It seems like a minor gesture, but it could be the sole difference between you and another candidate, taking the time to write the note shows that you care about the position and appreciate being considered.

Happy interviewing!

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