Great Job Options for People Who Love to Talk

Great Job Options for People Who Love to Talk

Your family members and friends may say that you talk too much, but your chattiness can be a wonderful asset. The following are three job positions that can use people who are just like you:

Intake Specialist

An intake specialist is a person who jots down information that comes from callers. Such a person may work in a hospital, governmental agency or domestic violence shelter. Such people have to have kind and compassionate personalities as the clients may need to be talked down from something. The callers may need moral support, as well. Therefore, chattiness is welcome. An intake specialist can earn a salary of about $38,000. 


Counselors are supposed to be wise and wordy no matter what field they are in. Your desire to keep your jaws moving will come in handy if you want to be a school counselor, job counselor, marriage therapy specialist or grief counselor. The counselor’s salary depends on the field that person is in and where the person works. If you have a home office and set your own rates, you can earn a pretty penny. The average income for such a job is about $41,000 per year if you are in the field of helping people with substance abuse issues. 

Call Center Customer Service Rep

Call center customer service representatives are people who have to help other people solve numerous problems. You may have to walk someone through a billing issue, technical problem or complaint process. All of those tasks will require you to talk at some point in time. Therefore, the customer service representative position may be perfect for someone like you. A CSR can earn about $40,000 per year in a position with a high-scale company.