How to Exit a Job Properly

How to Exit a Job Properly

The way that you exit a job speaks volumes about you as an employee and as a person. You should always try to do a proper exit so that you don’t get blacklisted or labeled as someone who does not have integrity. The proper way to do things is to give the employer two weeks of notification and then work another two weeks. In some cases, this may be not be possible. Here are some tips:

Try to Work It out First

You should always try to work things out before you just quit your job. Your employer may have a solution to the problem that you are facing. You will have to communicate to find out about the solution, however. Let your boss know what you need to make things okay.

Attend Your Exit Interview

Some employers have exit interviews. They request a meeting when someone resigns so that they can gain an understanding of what happened. Go if your employer invites you to an exit interview. You may end up not leaving the company at all. Sometimes, employers make counter-offers during exit interviews to keep their turnover rate down.

Write a Thank-You Letter

Always thank the employer when you exit the company. You can do it during the exit interview or in a letter. Let the company know that you learned a lot from all the knowledgeable and helpful people in there. Thank them for helping to shape you into the responsible worker that you are today. You will leave a long-lasting impression on the employer, and you will establish yourself as a respectable person. Other employers may call that employer for a reference on you. You can sleep well knowing that you will receive a positive references from your last employer. Leave on a positive note, and be invited to  a new job with open arms.