How to Explain your Job Hopping History

How to Explain your Job Hopping History

Job hopping is considered a big negative by employers. They don’t want to invest time and training in you if you’re just going to leave them at a moment’s notice. If you have a history of job hopping that shows up on your resume, here are some tips to explain it.

The Job Hopping Was Due to Temporary Employment Situations

Did you job hop because you took a series of jobs that were on a temporary basis to begin with? Were they volunteer or seasonal positions that only lasted a short period of time. Those are all credible reasons, and you should explain each instance both on your resume and during your interview.

You Were Younger Then

Job hopping is forgivable if you were just a youngster when you did it. It’s not uncommon for 16 year-olds to job hop. As long as the job hopping occurred in the distance past, you should be able to explain it away as a folly of youth.

You Really Are a Job Hopper

If job hopping is just your style, then you’ll need to come up with a better reason to explain this behavior. One reason can be that you were unsure of your career trajectory, and ended up taking a series of jobs that landed you in the wrong place, career-wise. You can tell your interviewer that you’ve finally figured out what you really want to do in life, and promise that your job hopping days are over.

You Moved Around a Lot

If you had to job hop because of parents or a spouse moving around a lot, that’s not really your fault. You can easily explain this on your resume, citing the reason for quitting as “forced to relocate.” You can then elaborate on the reasons during your interview.