How to Feel Confident for Interviews, Networking, or Your First Day on the Job

How to Feel Confident for Interviews, Networking, or Your First Day on the Job

Whether you’re going to a networking event, your second interview with a company, or starting your first day of work, what you need besides good business attire is confidence. Feeling good about yourself and your abilities allows you to be cool and calm, shake hands and maintain eye contact without breaking a sweat, speak loudly and clearly, and look proficient. However, it’s easy to let nerves take over, sometimes to the point where these derail your efforts to get a job. Here’s how to work on your confidence every day.

First of all, each morning, dress for success. Put on your best suit, your nicest dress shirt, and those new shoes you just bought. Your clothes go a long way towards increasing self-esteem. Next, when you arrive to the interview or the office, know what you’re good at. There’s a reason this company is interested in you. Hone your skills and showcase these in the best way possible, whether that’s describing them during an interview or actually using them during your first few days at a new job.

Remember that you’re a fallible human being and that mistakes are unavoidable. There’s a learning curve with practically every job, so don’t be too hard on yourself as you adjust to a new environment. Make sure to ask lots of questions about your daily duties to avoid unnecessary mistakes. Eventually, what you do will become second-nature.

On the note of mistakes, if you know that you’re not particularly good at something, admit it. If math is your weak spot, consider taking a class during your own time. If you’re asked to work on a company website but you only have basic HTML knowledge, don’t be afraid to ask for help at work. Learning from a more experienced individual is invaluable.

Once you do start achieving a lot at work, keep note of what you’ve done. Not only can seeing your biggest victories cheer you up on a bad day, but this information should also go on your resume should you ask for a promotion or decide to switch jobs someday. Don’t toot your own horn excessively, but remember that you can do good around an office and have faith in your own abilities.