How To Write Catchy Cover Letters

How To Write Catchy Cover Letters

Creating a stellar resume may have been the end all of job search preparations, but today many companies also want to see a cover letter. The cover letter is basically a chance for hiring managers to see a more personal side of you that your standard resume simply does not show them. Cover letters should be more personal than a resume and when you consider how many cover letters the average hiring manager will see every day it certainly pays to make sure yours really stands out.

Give it Personality

Cover letters cannot be generic. Even though it would be much easier to simply write one generic cover letter and stick it on all your applications, this will totally defeat the purpose of the cover letter. The purpose of the cover letter is to give the company a chance to see who you are personally, and give you a chance to tell the specific company what you like about them personally and why you want to work for that specific company. This will require a little research on your part so that you understand some important factors to include in the letter concerning the specific company.

Don’t Be Afraid to Brag

The cover letter is also a chance for you give yourself a real shine. Your resume may not be able to highlight some of the great accomplishments that you experienced at some of your other jobs, but the cover letter should definitely make room for this. You will not have room to highlight everything you have ever done in the workforce, however, you should pick one or two shining moments to expound on. Perhaps you can discuss an award you received, or a problem you helped solve, or some way you helped your company move forward.