Should You Take an “In-Between” Job?

Should You Take an "In-Between" Job?

When you are out of work, the financial pressures can get pretty intense at times. You may find yourself tempted to take an “in-between” job. This is usually a part time job that is far below your qualifications that you feel you must take just so that you are bringing in some income. Whether or not this is a good idea will be contingent on a few different things.

Do You Have Resources?

If you have emergency resources which you can use to pay bills and other necessities, then in most cases it is a better idea to devote your time and energy to your job search rather than divide your time between an in-between job and your job search. Emergency funds and emergency resources are for these situations so that you can focus your energy on finding a new job. If, however, you have no emergency resources, you may find it necessary to take an in between job in order to avoid big financial trouble.

Are You Committed To Your  Job Search?

One of the biggest risks of taking an in between job is that you will become distracted by the new job and begin to let your efforts slip in your real job search. If you know how to manage your time well, and you are committed to your serious job search, then you should be able to do both. However, pay attention for signs that the new in between job is stealing time away from your real job search.

Keep An Open Mind

Sometimes an in-between job can lead to a great, full-time position. Don’t be closed minded to the idea that your in-between job may have full-time potential for you. If you begin to see ways you could turn your in-between job into a full-time career, don’t be afraid to go after it.