The 5 Worst Ways to End an Interview

The 5 Worst Ways to End an Interview

The end of an interview is almost as important as the beginning of the interview. Your last parting words and actions will make a lasting impression. Don’t make the mistake of ending your next interview like this:

1. Using the Wrong Name

It’s understandable that you’re nervous, especially if the interview went really well and you think you might actually get hired. Just don’t let that nervousness translate into using the wrong name for your interviewer, or not being able to address them by name at all when you’re saying goodbye.

2. Bringing up a New Topic

The interview is nearly over; you did well. Don’t muck up the natural flow of the ending by bringing up a brand new topic. This could make the interviewer think you don’t possess basic conversational skills.

3. Sounding Desperate

Of course you can ask about a general timeframe for their getting back to you about the job. But try not to sound so desperate that it makes you look broke and nearly unemployable. If anything, try to act like you have other offers on the table.

4. Asking for More

If you’ve really hit it off with the interviewer, you may have discovered some common interests. But don’t take that a step further by inviting the interviewer out socially at the end of the interview. That’s overstepping the bounds, and it could cost you the job.

5. Leaving by the Wrong Door

Believe it or not, some job candidates have tried to exit by the closet or the bathroom door. Be sure you have your bearings when you stand up to leave. You don’t want your last impression to be one of you being foolish.

As long as you maintain your confidence, you should be able to avoid making these five exit interview foibles.