The Art of Customizing a Resume

The Art of Customizing a Resume

Getting a resume to stand out from the pile is the challenge of every job hunter. The key to successfully catching the eye of those in human resources is finding the balance between customization and remaining consistent with the standard resume form.

The Importance of Balance

Although no one wants their resume to look exactly the same as the next candidate, human resources representatives do not want submissions that do not follow the standard outline. They do not have time to read each resume line by line, so straying too far from the typical form will make it difficult for them to find key information. Most company representatives will simply skip over these resumes.

Customizing within the Standard Form

Quality customization comes from drawing attention to the most significant portions of the resume. The most important experiences should be near the top, with the important skills listed prominently. Do not be afraid to bold key information, such as the name of major companies or position titles that would be particularly appropriate for the applicant. Create custom categories that will help showcase how the applicant fits with the position, such as “software design experience”. Make the headline bold and at the start of the resume.

It is important to think strategically about what is highlighted in the resume. For example, an experience with a major, well known brand should emphasis the name of the company. If the company is smaller, but the most important experiences arose from the experiences, then emphasize the position title and the roles filled at the company.

Getting the resume noticed is the first step in landing a fantastic new position. While it can be tempting to print the resume on pink paper or completely redesign the format of the standard resume, these tend to not attract the desired attention. Instead, focus on highlighting the most important parts of the resume and draw the company representative’s eye through experience.

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