You Don’t Need a University Degree to Pursue a STEM Career

You Don't Need a University Degree to Pursue a STEM Career

There is a common misconception that you need at least a bachelor’s degree to pursue a career in a STEM-related field. However, the fact is that about half of all STEM-related jobs don’t require a university degree. Here are just some of the many options for your consideration.

Medical Jobs

You can become a registered nurse or a dental hygienist if you have an associate’s degree. Other jobs in this field that require no degree at all include home health aide, nursing aide, and ambulance paramedic. Animal lovers can find work as a veterinary assistant or a laboratory animal caretaker.

Technical Jobs

Technical jobs that pay a high salary but don’t require four years of study include working as a nuclear technician, radiologic technologist or electric technician. You will need an associate’s degree if you want to work as a nuclear or radiologic technician. You can become an electrician by either doing a four-year paid apprenticeship program or learning the trade as a vocational school.

IT Jobs

While some computer support specialist jobs require job applicants to have a bachelor’s degree, you can find job opportunities with only an associate’s degree. Alternatively, you can find work as a graphic designer if you either have an associate’s degree or certification from a vocational school.

STEM fields have much to offer, including plentiful job opportunities, a good salary and plenty of benefits. What is more, you don’t need to go deep into debt to fund four years of study in order to find work in this field. Consider the options outlined above, look into affordable training opportunities such as vocational colleges, community colleges, and apprenticeship program and then choose a career path based on your talents and aspirations.